Private 5G Protection Firm OneLayer Emerges from Stealth with $8.2M Seed Round

OneLayer, provider of private LTE/5G network protection for businesses, has announced its public launch, accompanied by a $8.2 million seed investment led by Grove Ventures and Viola Ventures.

OneLayer will utilize the funding to develop and implement its product portfolio for enterprise-grade security for clients throughout the world. In conjunction with tier 1 players, the business will also build a cyber risk assessment and validation lab based on private LTE and 5G technologies.

Photo Renana Ashkenazi, General Partner at Grove Ventures
“OneLayer is taking on an incredible challenge in addressing this gap in enterprise and cellular security and is building a solution for a very large addressable market,” said Renana Ashkenazi, General Partner at Grove Ventures.

Angel investors from leading cyber and cloud companies, such as Avi Shua, founder and CEO of Orca Security, Ariel Zeitlin, founder of Guardicore, Gonen Fink, Head of Palo Alto Networks Israel R&D Center, and the founders of Epsagon, Nitzan Shapira, CEO, and Ran Ribenzaft, CTO, among others, made additional investments.

“Until the advent of private LTE/5G networks, enterprise security and cellular security have existed in parallel, but different, orbits,” said Renana Ashkenazi, General Partner at Grove Ventures. “That reality is now changed and it demands a new solution. OneLayer is taking on an incredible challenge in addressing this gap in enterprise and cellular security and is building a solution for a very large addressable market. By approaching security challenges from a cyber perspective as well as with the team’s collective cellular expertise, OneLayer delivers a solution that will protect organizations from attacks while allowing them to operate within their LTE/5G networks. OneLayer is giving organizations the ability to safely leverage the benefits of a private 5G cellular network.”

Private LTE/5G Networks

Private LTE/5G networks allow a genuine connectivity revolution for businesses, giving substantial benefits such as increased connectivity dependability, dedicated bandwidth with capacity and range, and IoT device connectivity across large regions, stated Onelayer. Over the last several years, a rising number of businesses have begun to deploy private LTE/5G networks, and this number is projected to skyrocket in the future years. Security for these networks, on the other hand, has fallen far behind, the company stated. Traditional enterprise security tools have evolved over the last decade to meet their desired standard, but most of those tools are not applicable to the cellular domain because they tend to overlook changes and advancements in the relevant standards and protocols that different cellular networks demand.

OneLayer was created to give businesses with enterprise-grade security comparable to that available to IT and OT networks, but without having them to become cellular specialists. By exploring and listing the enterprise domain’s existing security tools, integrating them with the enterprise’s authorization, authentication, and accounting tools (AAA), and extending their capabilities to the organization’s cellular domain, the company’s technology allows network administrators to limit device exposure to those registered on the network. OneLayer provides a LAN-like interface for controlling their private 5G networks in this way.

“OneLayer combines our deep knowledge of both cybersecurity and cellular technology and was formed with the mission to help enterprise companies close a significant vulnerability in their networks,” said Dave Mor, Co-Founder and CEO of OneLayer. “Our solution efficiently and effectively addresses the unique challenges facing cellular security for enterprises, giving our customers the ability to build expansive private networks with the highest levels of security tailored for their specific needs and, and beyond the current standards and capabilities of IT and OT networks.”

“We strongly believe that the emergence of private cellular networks will play a major role in the future of wireless technologies for enterprise connectivity,” said Zvika Orron, General Partner, Viola Ventures. “Along with providing enterprise companies the flexibility and control to design networks best suited to their specific business needs, private cellular networks also shift the responsibility for protecting those networks to the enterprises themselves. This requires a unique security solution to address the new attack surfaces, which is what makes us so excited to partner with OneLayer. The company is addressing a growing market while approaching the challenge with a deep understanding of both the cybersecurity and cellular industries, perfectly positioning it as a partner for enterprise companies building private networks.”