Private 5G, Simply Intuitive (Audio Only) S9|E15 Cisco Champion Radio

Standing up and operating a mobile 5G network can be a challenging task, but Private 5G doesn’t need to be. Now, there is a simple solution for enterprises that integrates their existing network systems with their very own Private 5G network. Cisco Private 5G is delivered as-a-service to eliminate much of the cost and complexity by providing full lifecycle management of the equipment and software. With Cisco Private 5G, enterprise IT departments can intuitively operate their own Private 5G networks that align and integrate with the way they manage their Wi-Fi networks today.

Industries from mining to manufacturing, education to agriculture, logistics, utilities, and healthcare and more each have their own use cases and applications for Private 5G. And now Private 5G has arrived, to bring the high bandwidth, low-latency capabilities for new applications that require the speed and reliability of wired networks along with the mobility and security in cellular wireless.

In this episode of Cisco Champion Radio, we dive into the Private 5G experience, from ordering to operating and what enterprises should be looking for when considering Private 5G.

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Cisco Champion Hosts
Jonathan Mahady ( BHP, Senior PCN Network Engineer
Tim Bertino ( Nebraska Methodist Health System, Senior Network Engineer

Ian Campbell, Cisco, CTO, Mobility & IoT

Amilee San Juan (, Cisco, Customer Voices and Cisco Champion Program

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Publisher: Cisco
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