Private Cloud Company EpiGrid Named a SOLIDWORKS Certified Solution Partner

Gainesville, Georgia-based EpiGrid, a company delivering private cloud solutions for SOLIDWORKS, has officially been named a SOLIDWORKS Certified Solution Partner. The EpiGrid private cloud solutions would provide customers infrastructure, network, and backup and management services on a scalable and secured global infrastructure.

Powered by the Dassault Systèmes 3DExperience Platform, SOLIDWORKS 3D applications help millions of engineers and designers succeed through innovation. SOLIDWORKS delivers an intuitive experience in product design, simulation, publishing, data management, and environmental impact assessment.

Announced as the first ‘SOLIDWORKS Certified Service Partner’ to offer a cloud solution in 2014, EpiGrid would have lead the transition for SOLIDWORKS users to the cloud for improved mobility, security and collaboration. SOLIDWORKS Service Partners specialize in the professional implementation, customization, and support of SOLIDWORKS products to meet specific customer needs and to maximize productivity.

epigridAs a new ‘SOLIDWORKS Certified Solution Partner,’ EpiGrid is now positioned as the only partner offering solutions for running SOLIDWORKS in a private cloud, ensuring customers can meet stringent security, and compliance requirements. In addition to the private cloud hosting, EpiGrid has announced their complete offering of managed cloud solutions including on-premise cloud, dedicated cloud as well as co-located and hybrid clouds.

EpiGrid’s highly qualified staff includes Certified SOLIDWORKS Professionals (CSWP), Certified SOLIDWORKS Experts (CSWE), Certified SOLIDWORKS Professionals-Data Management (CPDM) and Certified DriveWorks Professionals. In addition, the company partners with SOLIDWORKS Value Added Resellers to streamline the sales, implementation and management processes. 

“This certification is a huge benefit for our clients,” said Chad Garrish, CTO of EpiGrid. “EpiGrid is the only Certified SOLIDWORKS Solution Partner offering cloud and virtualized environments that is also a Certified SOLIDWORKS Service Partner. This is a significant differentiator as we are capable of supporting an end-to-end SOLIDWORKS cloud environment. We help our customers rethink their strategies for CAD environments, true design collaboration and cloud deployment. Companies from all avenues of the SOLIDWORKS community understand the value EpiGrid can offer as a partner.”

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