Private Cloud for WordPress Platform Unveiled by


The Private Cloud, a new platform designed to power WordPress websites of all sizes, was just released by With its headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida, provides an all-in-one solution built on top of Cloudflare Enterprise. It would   provide each WordPress website with an “enterprise-level” experience with prioritized traffic routing and caching in every Cloudflare location.

Cloudflare is much more than simply a CDN for WordPress to As it serves as the entrance to the whole platform, would be able to innovate in ways that have never been seen in the hosting sector, according to the company itself.

Ben Gabler, CEO at
“Our Private Cloud will make some pretty incredible things possible for our WordPress clients,” said Ben Gabler, CEO at was able to develop the managed WordPress hosting platform by fusing Cloudflare’s sophisticated edge network with entirely self-managed bare metal. manages the whole stack that powers WordPress while streamlining and securing the user experience by hosting their own vendor-neutral nodes behind Cloudflare Enterprise. In addition to being able to be set up in any data center in the globe, the Private Cloud can also move all production traffic without the need for DNS updates and without any downtime.

“With the introduction of cloud-based computing, the world has believed that ‘the cloud’ is the quickest solution to their issue. Every millisecond and byte counts for the very fast Managed WordPress Platform from,” said Ben Gabler, CEO at “While the public cloud is a fantastic advancement over on-premise bare metal, there are numerous situations in which issues like noisy neighbors, excessive pricing, vendor lock-in, and issues that are just beyond your control as a service provider come into play. These issues are resolved by our new Private Cloud.”

White Label Managed WordPress

The following WordPress functions are made possible by Private Cloud:

  • Global Traffic Management – The Private Cloud can move production traffic anywhere in the globe from the edge with minimal downtime by using Cloudflare’s Enterprise Edge.
  • Quick Disaster Recovery – can quickly deploy a new instance from a backup thanks to daily off-site backups that are stored inside the Private Cloud. At a completely different data center than the malfunctioning node, nodes have come back up.
  • The Private Cloud automatically balances each host node to keep them in good condition. Without any client interaction or downtime, live WordPress site migrations across nodes or datacenters are possible.
  • No Performance Loss –, in contrast to public clouds, only hosts one instance per machine, assigning all resources to the instance as if it were operating on bare metal while maintaining the adaptability and resilience of the cloud.
  • Vendor agnostic – can relocate complete host nodes across data centers with minimal downtime, even on different CPUs, by placing a virtualization layer over bare metal.
  • Quick Scale – Business clients may now quickly enhance their resources. Now, switching between Tiers just requires a single button click.
  • BYOH – The Private Cloud was specifically created to be vendor neutral. The infrastructure of the Private Cloud may be completely integrated with the hardware that Hosting Partners provide.
  • Public API – Using the same public API that drives the UI and platform, customers and partners can manage deployments, features, and Content using’s API-first SaaS strategy.
  • White Label – provides partners with an easy way to resell the top WordPress product under their own brand without mentioning to their clients. This helps partners build their brands.

All new WordPress installations in both US and EU locations on all plans with no extra fees get instant access to’s core functionality in their Private Cloud, and all partners may use it in their own bespoke locations. Sites and locations currently in use will gradually be moved to the new Private Cloud infrastructure.

“We’ve worked on our packaged solution for more than twenty years, and I’m beyond thrilled about this next iteration of the platform,” added Mr. Gabler. “At the end of the day, we make sure that everything we do contributes to the success of our clients, and our Private Cloud will make some pretty incredible things possible for them.”