Private Cloud Services Provider ICS Deploys Coho Data’s Scale-Out Storage Solution

ICS Corp., a private cloud based direct mail and marketing technology services provider, has deployed Coho’s DataStream platform to deliver performance and monitoring data for their customers via an “easy to deploy and easy to manage” scale-out storage solution.

To virtualize the servers in their data center, ICS deployed shared storage, but soon experienced storage performance issues that affected application development. Additionally, resiliency for that shared storage became a concern. With a rapidly growing client base and ongoing rapid development of new services, the company needed to scale while keeping capital and operating expenditures as low as possible.

Without a large IT team, ICS wanted a storage product that would deliver on the full value of a flash investment without a lot of tuning required, to ultimately help free up IT resources for more mission critical tasks. The Coho DataStream platform turned out to be the ideal solution for ICS – for use of commodity hardware and a hybrid flash model that combined high-performance PCIe flash with traditional hard drives and smart tiering software to optimize data placement. 

Data Center“Prior to using Coho DataStream, our team spent a lot of time managing storage, creating LUNS and troubleshooting issues,” said Nathan White at ICS Corp. “We reviewed several storage solutions, yet once we decided to implement the Coho DataStream solution, the installation was so fast, which allowed us to spend time on more critical, revenue producing tasks.”

The Coho DataStream architecture is designed for cloud infrastructures and its unique SDN integration provides network optimized workload distribution and parallelization to support the scalability requirements of cloud-based applications.

“Today’s fast moving companies, like ICS, require access to real-time data that is critical to their business,” said Andy Warfield, CTO of Coho Data. “Yet, they do not have the time or resources to manage their data storage needs given other more demanding business priorities. They need a true scale-out solution that is easy to implement, easy to manage, affordable and can scale to their growing and evolving requirements.”

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