Product Catalog use case | Azure Cosmos DB Essentials Season 3

Explore software development tips and tricks for building a lightweight Product Catalog applications with Azure Web Apps, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Blob Storage, and Azure Cognitive Search. Azure Cosmos DB is an ideal NoSQL (non-relational) cloud database for the product catalog use case and can be used to store product information and session state data.

In this use case, Azure Web Apps is used to host the application, static content and product images are stored in Azure Storage, and Azure Cognitive Search is used to search across all products. Mustafa Branch and Mark Brown walk through product catalog use case diagrams, review the benefits of Azure Cosmos DB and NoSQL data for retail catalogs, and explain how data flows throughout the cloud solution architecture.

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About Azure Cosmos DB Azure Cosmos DB is a fast and scalable serverless cloud NoSQL database built for modern app development. It offers instant and elastic scalability, SLA-backed single-digital millisecond reads and writes and 99.999% availability, and APIs for MongoDB and Cassandra.

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