Products That Count: Josh Aziz on Building Products with Distributed Teams

You can manage a roadmap easily in a small colocated team; but how do you maximize impact when you’re in several time zones? How about when you can’t be in every discussion about priorities? What about when your backlog takes a full day to triage? There’s a way you can automate the work in the details so you can focus on the big picture and maximize your impact—your company’s mission. Josh Aziz, who has led large, non-colocated, and cross-functional teams at TransferWise and Seamless, will teach you to create a clear product vision so everyone builds towards your company’s mission, tactics to help colleagues make product decisions independently, and other tips to get you out of the details and maximize your impact.

Josh Aziz is the Product Manager for TransferWise North America. He leads the product strategy and vision for the U.S. and Canada. He works alongside a team of banking and compliance experts, customer support specialists, and engineers to transform how money moves around the world, and make financial services cheaper, more transparent, and more convenient for everyone.

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Duration: 56:24
Publisher: DigitalOcean
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