ProLabs Simplifies 100G DWDM at 80KM with New Transceivers

By combining its 100G erbium-doped fiber amplified multiplexer (EDFAMUX) with QSFP28 PAM4 DWDM 2x50G transceivers, ProLabs, a global pioneer in optical networking and connectivity solutions, has developed a new long-range 80km DWDM solution.

The EDFAMUX is an all-in-one system that combines the multiplexer, EDFA, and dispersion compensator into a single rack unit (1RU) 19″ module, saving space and patch complexity while allowing for easy reconfiguration.

When used in conjunction with DWDM PAM4 transceivers that require dispersion correction for distances greater than 5 kilometers, the system may transmit DWDM signals up to 80 kilometers over channels 29 to 59.

“By including the EDFA and dispersion compensator in the multiplexer, network operators can optimize rack space and simplify PAM4 DWDM deployments,” said Ray Hagen, Global Product Line Manager at ProLabs. “The saved rack space can be used for additional bandwidth-increasing components, while the EDFAMUX simplifies the DWDM run via its web- and console-configuration and network agnostic physical layer package.”

Cisco, Juniper, Arista, and Other Vendors

ProLabs is a major optical networking solutions supplier. It has been providing optical connection solutions for over two decades, giving clients “freedom, choice, and seamless” interoperability. The company works with a wide range of industries, including businesses, governments, and the world’s leading service providers.

ProLabs’ new 80km DWDM long range solutions are coded to work in settings with Cisco, Juniper Networks, Arista Networks, and other vendors’ systems.

ProLabs aims at transforming the attitude of data center and service providers all around the world by pushing better standards for technology and service. It offers solutions that are 100 percent form and function compatible with over 20,000 systems and platforms from 100 OEM vendors.