Prosimo Unveils Single Click Multi-Cloud Networking Solution

networking - storageCross-Cloud Service Connect is a new set of features under Prosimo’s Service Networking architecture. Prosimo is a supplier of multi-cloud networking solutions. By expanding the capabilities to multi-region and multi-cloud, it would address the technological shortcomings of hyperscaler’s PrivateLink & endpoint networking.

The public cloud backbone, digital infrastructure providers, or Google cross-connect are all examples of underlays that the solution may operate on and serve as a fundamental substrate for cross-cloud service connect. As a consequence, connecting natively and securely across clouds would now be as easy as clicking on an application or endpoint.

Three primary use cases are enabled by this cloud-native solution: B2B partner connection across clouds, distributed data access (such as AI/ML engines accessing data across clouds), and developer self-service to connect just endpoints of interest.

“As businesses use a range of AI services from several clouds and need to access dispersed data, cloud networking must advance quickly to link these service endpoints in a straightforward and safe manner,” said Mani Ganesan, Vice President of Prosimo’s product line. “Service endpoints are not understood by cloud networking solutions now on the market that just concentrate on IP connection. While service mesh technologies have been discussed for some time, businesses still struggle with agents and side car proxies that are not scalable or suitable for PaaS applications.”

“At best, native cloud provider technologies like PrivateLink address a single cloud area, not multiple clouds or regions,” added Mr. Ganesan. “To address this issue for businesses at this crucial stage of their cloud adoption journey, we developed Cross-Cloud Service Connect.”

Connecting Application and Service Endpoints Across Clouds

Connecting application and service endpoints across cloud environments would be a difficulty for enterprises. For instance, business logic in one cloud needs access to cloud-native databases or S3 buckets in another cloud, and AI & ML engines operating on one cloud need data access from a separate cloud. Even while hyperscalers provide cutting-edge native networking services to their clients, companies would still need to bring in third-party networking stacks and perform laborious manual procedures in order to allow cross-cloud connection. PaaS apps and other cloud-native endpoints would not be addressed by current service mesh solutions, and conventional networking stacks operating at the IP layer need intensive IT and expensive, time-consuming methods.

Building on its Full Stack design, the Prosimo claims its Cross-Cloud Service Connect offering to be affordable, secure, and lightweight with fine-grained access control to guarantee compliance. Moreover, Prosimo’s integration with layer 3 fabrics such as Megaport would enable interconnectivity across clouds and regions in a matter of minutes. Serving as the fundamental layer of connection, it would provide the quick reaction times required for contemporary cloud infrastructure operations.

Cross-Cloud Connect in Operation

Prosimo Cross-Cloud Service Connect would offer key advantages such as the following:

Cloud Agility & Developer Velocity – Regardless of location or cloud, data is unlocked and application teams can work quickly thanks to the weeks it used to take to establish cross-cloud app/service connection.

Cost Control – By doing away with outmoded network equipment and cutting costs associated with NAT gateways and IP address disputes, lightweight implementation controls costs.

Reduced Latency – To fulfill application objectives and achieve a 30–50% reduction in cross-cloud latency, intelligent routing is used across various clouds and existing network underlays.

Brownfield Deployment – Utilize past investments in multi-cloud service connection, such as AWS PrivateLink, Azure PrivateLink, GCP CCN, and PSC, for Brownfield Deployment.

ZT Security Framework – a unified framework for safely establishing connections to the cloud and between application and service endpoints.

Privacy/Compliance – granular access management that doesn’t impede innovation for every service or application endpoint.