Pub/Sub Best Practices: Publishing

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Looking for tips and tricks for publishing with pub/sub? Welcome to the first episode of Pub/Sub Best Practices, a series where we share the best practices when using pub/sub. In this video, Developer Advocate Chloe Condon shares 6 best practices when publishing with pub/sub. Watch to see tips and tricks for publishing with pub/sub!

0:00 – Intro
0:19 – 1. Batch messages
0:51 – 2. Be mindful when using ordering keys
1:47 – 3. Use a regional endpoint
2:21 – 4. Consider Bandwidth
2:46 – 5. Provision your publishers
3:08 – 6. Customize your own default retry settings
3:38 – Wrap up

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Duration: 00:03:53
Publisher: Google Cloud
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