Public Cloud Security Company Dome9 Partners with Allgress to Streamline Compliance Management for AWS Cloud

Dome9 Security, a public cloud security company, has announced a partnership and integration with Allgress – an AWS Cloud-certified compliance platform, which provides compliance controls mapping for NIST 800-53, PCI DSS, HIPAA, CIS and other critical standards.

AWS Cloud customers utilizing the Allgress Regulatory Product Mapping (RPM) tool can now understand the breadth of security controls that the Dome9 Arc platform offers to help them achieve and maintain compliance with regulatory frameworks such as PCI DSS and HIPAA.

aws cloud compliance allgress“Allgress’ award winning solution ensures organizations that are moving workloads to AWS are able to achieve quick time-to-value and seamlessly achieve compliance,” said Gordon Shevlin, CEO of Allgress. “Maintaining compliance in public cloud environments has proven to be an incredibly challenging and evolving task for risk and compliance professionals. Our partnership with Dome9 blends the industry’s top experts and tools, focused solely on public cloud security and compliance, giving our customers the most thorough and efficient solution available today.”

Dome9 offers a cloud-native SaaS platform that would simplify security and compliance management at scale in public cloud environments through automation. The Dome9 Arc platform would allow AWS Cloud customers to:

  • Visualize assets, security groups, policies, VPC network traffic, etc.
  • Assess network security posture and risk
  • Model ‘gold standard’ network security best practices
  • Monitor and track changes against security best practices with fine-grained logging
  • Prevent deviations from gold standard with tamper protection and region lock
  • Proactively track, report and remediate compliance posture against standards such as PCI DSS and HIPAA as well as industry best practices such as the CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark
  • Actively control authorizations and enforce Principle of Least Privilege

The integration of Dome9 Arc with Allgress RPM would allow organizations to understand how the security controls stipulated by regulatory frameworks such as PCI DSS in AWS environments map to the capabilities offered by the Dome9 solution. This improved visibility would enable enterprises to plan their compliance lifecycle better and speed up time-to-compliance in their AWS Cloud environments at scale. 

“Allgress is established as a trusted risk and compliance solutions provider for organizations looking to migrate and maintain heavily regulated workloads in AWS environments, which makes this partnership all the more impactful for our customers,” said Zohar Alon, co-founder and CEO of Dome9. “Dome9 has long been committed to helping businesses navigate the complexities of the public cloud and we continually look for new ways to provide security tools and controls that the industry requires, enabling faster, more efficient compliance monitoring, remediation, reporting and enforcement.”

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