Pulse Secure Unveils New Access Solutions to Enhance Cloud Security

Secure Access solutions provider, Pulse Secure, a company that provides protected connectivity between users, devices, things and services, has launched a new packaging of its Pulse Access Suite for Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs). The new solution would offer service providers an accelerated, cost-effective means to differentiate and build out their service portfolio and meet demand for protected connectivity to cloud applications and hybrid IT resources.

The new suite delivered by Pulse Secure would allow Managed Security Service Providers to extend “lucrative” access protection, endpoint compliance, threat response and availability services for the data center, hosted in the cloud or running as SaaS.

Pulse Secure’s service provider packaging would optimize capital expenditure through an on-demand, pay-per-use model. MSSPs can spin up or spin down virtual ‘Secure Access’ instances and licenses at a cost based on the number of concurrent monthly users. On-demand provisioning and tiered, user-based pricing would give service providers required flexibility for customer onboarding, growth spurts and business downturns.

“Ensuring secure access is more challenging than ever given the dynamics of cyber threats, IT consumerization and software-defined data centers. Enterprises of all sizes are overwhelmed and increasingly looking to MSSPs for expertise and capacity,” said Scott Gordon, chief marketing officer (CMO) of Pulse Secure. “Pulse Secure gives MSSP leaders an easy, proven and no-risk path to extend services and increase revenues for hybrid IT secure access. More importantly, our new MSSP packaging enables our service provider partners and their customers to deliver ubiquitous access productivity while ensuring compliance.”

Pulse Secure’s Global Distributors

More than 20,000 enterprises and service providers across every vertical now entrust Pulse Secure “to empower” their mobile workforce “to securely” access applications and information in the data center and cloud while ensuring business compliance.

Pulse Secure’s MSSP packaging including user-based licensing will be available to authorized channel partners at the end of November 2018 through Pulse Secure’s global distributors. The Pulse Secure Access Suite for MSSPs includes a multi-tenant, centralized management system and licensing server that gives MSSPs operational oversight while also providing clients with dashboard visibility. The solution also includes virtual appliance form factors for VMware, KVM and Hyper-V, and supports deployment in hosted cloud environments such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS.

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