Pure Storage Announces General Availability of FlashBlade – For High-Performance Unstructured Workloads

Solid-state array vendor, Pure Storage, has announced that FlashBlade – the company’s second product built for high-performance unstructured workloads – is now generally available and is shipping in both 8.8TB and 52TB blade capacities with the company’s Elasticity 1.2 software.

“More and more IT organizations are looking at big data analytics to help drive higher revenues, improve customer service, identify new market opportunities, and inform better business decisions,” said Eric Burgener, Research Director of Storage, IDC. “The workload requirements for big data analytics are not well met with traditional storage architectures, and in 2016 the first revenues were generated by a new all-flash array platform type – big data flash – specifically architected for these types of environments.”

“Big data flash platforms are optimized to handle very large unstructured data sets with high degrees of concurrency while delivering flash performance and reliability,” added Mr. Burgener. “FlashBlade from Pure Storage, already deployed across a number of different verticals, is one of the earliest entrants into this high growth new market, which IDC expects will drive $1.05B in revenues by 2020.”

With FlashBlade, genomics labs and research facilities can conduct secondary analysis workflow to sequence genomes, as well as filter, reassemble and align reads to construct a sequence. FlashBlade also enables the conversion of data into base pairs and the computation of quality scores, and allows organizations to convert raw genomic data. 

Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team

For high-performance workloads like real-time sensor data, player video or expansive statistical database management, FlashBlade would also be a natural fit. Simple to manage and in a compact 4U form factor, FlashBlade offers organizations with busy travel schedules and extensive set-up a mobile option for on-premises.

The Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport Formula 1 team brings its arrays trackside from race to race, which act as a compact, mobile data center to store and process real-time data from nearly 250 sensors across each car.

all flash pure storage“Formula One is, inherently, a mobile experience. Everything from the car, personnel, hospitality equipment and full IT infrastructure comes with us from city to city – and that includes our storage,” said Matt Harris, Head of IT for Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport. “The level of performance we expect from our storage is commensurate with what we expect from the car. It has to be the fastest to gain a competitive advantage. FlashBlade provides the high-performance infrastructure required to run real-time analytics platforms that help give us that championship edge.”

For SaaS and cloud providers, all-flash infrastructure would also be a key differentiator in accelerating time to market, improving service level agreements and opening up new customer opportunities. In financial services particularly, performance and reliability are the most critical requirements.

“FlashBlade helps Pure deliver on its core promise – to help customers in all industries gain advantage from their data on a massive scale,” said Scott Dietzen, CEO of Pure Storage. “FlashBlade is not only optimized for the rapidly expanding world of unstructured data, but also designed to revolutionize the way organizations innovate with that data. Through the incredible work of our beta and directed availability customers, we’ve seen the potential of FlashBlade not only to alter the face of engineering and creative workloads, but to change what’s possible in medicine, science, and security.”

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