Pure Storage Releases FlashBlade Series of Storage Systems

Pure Storage

Pure Storage has announced its FlashBlade series of systems consisting of a new modular architecture built on uniquely co-designed software and hardware. The latest platform by the brand would take the advantage of a nearly unlimited scalable metadata architecture, providing around two times the density, power, and performance as compared to the older versions. The platform keeps evolving with time in a set alignment according to the need of the hour for the requirement of clients.

Having a look back at 2017, we already know that Pure Storage reworked the rules for the scale-out storage by introducing FlashBlade as a unified file and object storage platform. In addition, the firm also worked on the architecture of its software and developed DirectFlash technology to anticipate the future need for flash across a wide spectrum of workloads.

Photo Matt Burr, GM FlashBlade at Pure Storage
“The architectural differentiation of FlashBlade//S is a result of better science driving innovation in both software and hardware,” said Matt Burr, GM FlashBlade at Pure Storage.

According to their latest announcement, Pure Storage will be working on revolutionizing the market again with the FlashBlade//S by the debut of a modular architecture that disaggregates compute from capacity. Storage, compute, and networking elements can be upgraded in a flexible way without disrupting anything.

It also offers a highly configurable and customizable file and object platform to address the broadest set of modern workloads. It can also provide capacity optimization and the highest levels of performance with Pure’s proprietary all-QLC architecture along with dodging the expensive caching solutions.


As mentioned by IDC, the disaggregation of storage platforms offers high flexibility in developing highly efficient IT infrastructures. Moreover, it also allows administrators to assemble the right balance of IT resources for the particular workload to minimize costs. It also enables them to perform upgrades on different resources independently as per the requirement.

What can customers get out of FlashBlade?

  • Performance at scale, simplicity, and efficiency of unstructured data – The new FlashBlade//S family would make sure to push the boundaries of performance, efficiency, and scale. It would also boost innovation speed and help in bringing denser and more power efficient technologies to the market at a fast pace. Furthermore, it allows customers to get simplicity, exabyte level scale, and the multi-dimensional performance needed for the consolidation of key unstructured data workloads.
  • Peace of mind for sustainability demands – As end users are under high pressure to prioritize sustainability, the latest FlashBlade//S family helps them with these requirements coupled up with a better performance on key metrics like capacity per watt, capacity per rack-unit, bandwidth per watt, resulting in an overall small data center footprint.
  • Future-Proofing with the evergreen subscription – By taking advantage of the Evergreen subscription-based services, all the customers can avail of unmatched flexibility and non-disruptive upgrades with the FlashBlade//S. Organizations are not supposed to worry about their storage platform becoming obsolete or disruptive data migrations again.

“The architectural differentiation of FlashBlade//S is a result of better science driving innovation in both software and hardware,” said Matt Burr, General Manager, FlashBlade, Pure Storage. “It enables exceptional performance, efficiency and scalability, providing customers with flexibility and confidence in their long term unstructured data strategy. It is not only the last scale-out platform organizations will ever need, but also the right choice for meeting environmental and sustainability ambitions, which are increasingly important to customers.”