Pure Storage Unveils Forever Flash, Introduces New Model for Storage Lifecycle Management

Pure Storage, an all-flash enterprise storage array vendor, has announced Forever Flash, a new business model that changes the way customers purchase and maintain enterprise storage. The model is designed to significantly reduce storage ownership costs over the deployment lifecycle.

Flash-ArrayUntil now, Pure Storage sold its flash arrays and maintenance and service contracts (M&S) in nearly the same way as most storage vendors. As of today, Pure Storage is innovating a new approach that is designed to reduce both lifetime cost and complexity for customers. Once customers make an initial equipment purchase, they can optimize their storage ownership lifecycle and M&S contracts according to their needs.

Forever Flash is a global program available through most Pure Storage partners, but participation may vary.

The Forever Flash model

The model offers a continual in-place equipment upgrade plan that would also eliminate storage downtime and the need for traditional costly and risky ‘forklift upgrades.’ The Forever Flash model has two dimensions:

  • Fresh Every Upgrade – enables customers who are expanding their storage arrays (either by adding capacity or upgrading controllers) to reset their maintenance on the entire array to the then-current first-year rates, typically enabling customers to experience a reduction in the cost/TB of maintenance over time.
  • Free Every Three – enables storage buyers to receive a controller upgrade every three years when they renew their maintenance agreements in years four or seven (an additional two years of maintenance must be purchased at this time to qualify for the controller upgrade). The program also allows customers to pre-buy five years of maintenance, receiving a controller refresh on year three.