Pure Storage Unveils New Top End FlashArray Model

Storage as-a-service provider Pure Storage has introduced FlashArray//XL, the newest member of their FlashArray family. It is designed for mission-critical, platinum-tier business applications, ranging from huge databases to containerized and cloud-native software. With a significant increase in IOPS, FlashArray/XL would provide the highest performance and scale.

Photo Shawn Hansen, VP and GM, FlashArray, Pure Storage
“FlashArray//XL combines the high-end scale of a true enterprise-class array with the scale-out agility of the cloud operating model,” said Shawn Hansen, VP and GM, FlashArray, Pure Storage.

Available now, FlashArray//XL would deliver up to 5.78 PB effective capacity, as low as 150µs latency, and up to 36GB/s throughput.

“For top tier applications like massive databases, enterprises need maximum performance and density, but they also want the control of their own datacenter and the agility and flexibility of the cloud,” said Eric Burgener, Research Vice President, Enterprise Infrastructure Practice, IDC. “Enterprise-class storage solutions like the FlashArray//XL that are coupled with the cloud operating model give customers the best of both worlds.”

With the new FlashArray//XL and Pure Fusion – Pure Storage’s self-service, autonomous Storage-as-Code platform – the company continues to add enterprise-grade scale to its promise of subscription storage.

To sum up, Pure Storage’s FlashArray//XL would deliver the following:

  • Strength to run the most demanding business services – With 100 percent more host connectivity and two times more volume support on a single array, accelerate enterprise applications with maximum performance even as they grow to run at greater loads.
  • Cloud-like model for deploying new apps quickly and easily – Pure Fusion and FlashArray/XL are designed to operate together to provide organizations with Storage-as-Code access to cloud scale, allowing platinum-level storage tiers and data policies, as well as powerful tools to optimize storage pools and workload placement.
  • Efficiency and density to consolidate applications for maximum TCO and green data center standards – Allow task consolidation on fewer arrays to simplify operations, minimize rack space requirements, and cut power and cooling expenses dramatically.
  • Always-on data protection that’s savvy to ransomware threats – Ensure that data stored on FlashArray/XL is safe, accessible, and recoverable in the event of an interruption, such as a malicious attack.
  • Future-proof with Evergreen subscription – With a right-size guarantee and non-disruptive updates and capacity expansions as storage demands develop, you’ll have rapid access to ever-improving capabilities.

“Customers expect a new, modern way to scale enterprise storage,” said Shawn Hansen, Vice President and General Manager, FlashArray, Pure Storage. “FlashArray//XL is a clear shot across the bow of legacy storage vendors by combining high-end scale of a true enterprise-class array with the scale-out agility of the cloud operating model.”