Q4 Inc. Brings Multi-Cloud Together with Fanatical Support for AWS

The Q4 Inc,’s strategy is simply – strive to add value to every part of our clients’ investor relations life. Through a mix of technology and client service, Q4 is helping clients to execute in their investor relations role, every single day. Q4 products are designed to keep our clients on pace with the markets and deliver the tools and intelligence required to make the right decisions at the right time. Whether telling your story through the IR website, making an announcement to thousands via a webcast, understanding your investor’s behavior, tracking ownership changes and reporting to management, Q4 has (or is building) solutions to make your life easier.

In this video, Steve Freudenthaler, Manager of SaaS Operations at Q4 Inc. talks about Fanatical Support for AWS. “By leveraging Rackspace Fanatical Support® for AWS to deliver me an architecture that I can work on, we are getting the application to work as efficiently as possible without wasting hours,” explains Freudenthaler.

Duration: 2:25
Publisher: Rackspace
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