Qatar-based Ooredoo Partners with Google Cloud to Boost Its Digital Offerings

Ooredoo Qatar

Google Cloud has recently announced its strategic technology partnership with the Ooredoo Group, one of the major communications companies in Qatar. The Memorandum of Understanding signed between the two organizations will allow Google Cloud to play an important role in the advancement of various end-users and enterprise services that are being provided by Ooredoo data center and connectivity services for advancing Google’s cloud proposition.

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In this partnership, we will witness Google Cloud’s support towards the development of Ooredoo’s service offerings over a set of markets with new TV and entertainment based on the Android TV. The powerful components of both the firms will be used to create innovative media services for Ooredoo customers.

In addition to that, Ooredoo is also planning to introduce Google’s subscription-based products, including Google Workspace, YouTube Premium, and Google One, in its markets for business customers and end-users in the form of subscriptions or bundles.

Artificial Intelligence

Ooredoo Group and Google Cloud have kicked off collaboration backed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) for enterprise customers. This will allow Ooredoo’s current contact center to streamline its operations and develop a highly personalized and intuitive customer care experience.

After the implementation of the AI solution, Ooredoo, together with Google, will package their AI-based contact center solution and resell it to enterprises in Qatar by the end of the current year for the purpose of modernization of customer care. The Memorandum of Understanding would also increase the tenure of Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) partnerships between Google and Ooredoo to monetize the new markets.

Multi-Cloud Strategy

Google Cloud will also become a crucial part of Ooredoo’s multi-cloud strategy, along with being a key partner in a few regional initiatives for data center connectivity, point of presence, colocations facilities in that particular region.

The agreement between the two companies will also be the main reason behind the formation of an innovation lab by Ooredoo Group and Google Cloud to generate new ideas, development, testing, and training.

Furthermore, this lab will work on making agility from conception to productization of multiple ideas for different types of the target audience that consists of internal teams of Ooredoo, startups, developer communities, and enterprise partners.

Official’s Take

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Ooredoo Group, Aziz Aluthman Fakhroo, said that they are more than delighted to partner with Google Cloud to speed up their business transformation and improve the customer’s experience all around the globe.

He further said that as a leading ICT provider, Ooredoo has a strategic commitment to investing in innovation and technology to make sure that they remain at the cutting edge of digital advancement.

He concluded his statement by saying that partnership between Google Cloud and Ooredoo Group will support both the organizations in achieving their strategic aim of boosting the adoption and utilization of analytics to deliver a highly personalized experience along with improved efficiency and Ooredoo is looking forward to working with Google Cloud and find out different possibilities along with heading to the digital future together.