Hybrid colocation and mega-scale data center solutions provider QTS has added new tools and features as part of QTS’ Service Delivery Platform (SDP) – a software-defined data center platform engineered to manage and optimize hybrid data center deployments.

In the first half of 2018, QTS released over 279 new features for the SDP that span a wide range of hybrid data center services. Some of the more prominent recent additions to QTS’ software-defined data center platform would include: power analytics, asset manager, and online ordering of both cross-connects and remote hands and eyes. The company also announced that QTS’ SDP is being accessed and utilized by over 15,000 QTS users now. Launched in 2017, the QTS SDP platform aggregates, analyzes and automates data across all of its customers’ IT environments.

“QTS’ Service Delivery Platform allows customers to adapt to changes in real-time to increase IT infrastructure utilization, performance, security and quality of services,” said Chris Ortbals, EVP of Product Management and Marketing, QTS. “These latest enhancements deliver unprecedented visibility, access and dynamic control as part of their QTS software-defined data center experience.”

Some of the more prominent recent additions to QTS’ SDP are:

  • Power Analytics – provides colocation customers with key power metrics in real-time allowing for greater operational efficiency and improved forecasting. It enables clients to retrieve and analyze power metrics related to their QTS deployment by location, by nested spaces, and power devices including PDUs, UPS’, and circuits to the pole level. By providing this level of transparency into power consumption, customers would be able to optimize data center efficiency, and lower costs.
  • Asset Manager – is a self-service app that enables customers to maintain control and ownership of their assets collocated at QTS facilities. Customers can catalog, track and manage equipment lifecycles from any connected device or through the QTS API. By knowing precisely where every asset resides within the data center and how and to what it is connected, customers would be able to optimize their utilization of assets.
  • Online Ordering of physical Cross Connects – creates an automated experience for the colocation customer, while also expediting the ordering of services. It removes the traditional paperwork processing and manual steps so that customers may order at their convenience, anytime, anywhere, from any device. It is available at all mega data centers across the US.
  • Online Ordering of Remote Hands and Eyes – monthly subscriptions would ensure onsite support is available when needed and quicken the ordering process. Subscribers gain visibility to used and allotted hours including details of every hour they consume.

QTS will continue to launch additional applications and features spanning the full range of IT services. The development lifecycle for SDP operates within an iterative release process that welcomes customer participation in the launch of new capabilities.

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