QTS Launches IaaS Private Cloud Platform for Hybrid IT Needs

QTS, a global provider of data center and hybrid cloud services as well as owner/operator of more than 5 million square feet of data center space, has announced its new Hosted Private Cloud – a purpose-built Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform (IaaS) designed to meet evolving hybrid IT needs of enterprise customers.

qts data centersQTS’ new Hosted Private Cloud (HPC), enabled by QTS’ Hybrid Cloud Management Platform (HCMP) and the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform, is a software-defined private cloud that runs advanced applications and workloads in a multi-cloud IT environment. Organizations would benefit from significantly higher levels of automation, control and visibility into managed public and private cloud instances from a single console view.

The hyperconverged infrastructure is comprised of a software-defined solution that tightly integrates compute, storage, networking and virtualization resources. The architecture would enable cloudlike consumption-based infrastructure economics and flexibility without compromising performance, reliability, and availability. Additionally, the Nutanix platform would offer ease of deployment, management and a rich set of integration APIs.

“Enterprises are increasingly seeking to de-risk their cloud and Hybrid IT journey,” said Dan Bennewitz, Chief Operating Officer, Sales, Product and Marketing, QTS. “Hosted Private Cloud is QTS’ latest cloud offering and a key component of what is now one of the industry’s broadest and most advanced set of Hybrid IT solutions.”

QTS’ Hosted Private Cloud platform would feature:

  • Security and Compliance – Enhanced, comprehensive security from server to endpoint, as a result of dedicated physically isolated network, compute and storage assets.
  • Performance – Resources dedicated to the customer’s business that would result in higher levels of automation.
  • Customization – Optimize cloud resources to best suit enterprises’ unique environment and needs.
  • Agility – Provides users with on-demand, self-service access to infrastructure, enabling faster service delivery of features.
  • Cost savings – More efficient cloud resource management via enterprise cloud architecture and QTS HCMP.