QuadraNet Unveils On-Demand Edge Cloud Services for MSPs with Zadara

Global IaaS hosting solutions provider QuadraNet, a company based in Los Angeles, has joined the ‘Federated Edge’ powered by Zadara Edge Cloud Services. Zadara’s ‘Federated Edge’ now enables QuadraNet and their MSPs to provision IT-as-a-Service business solutions to customers as close as necessary to their workloads.

QuadraNet has joined Zadara’s ‘Federate Edge’ in order to pass on benefits to their clients, such as pay-per-use and the ability to expand and contract on demand. While MSPs may not be able to compete with hyperscalers on their own, as part of a federation, they can provide consumers with the benefits of edge workloads where they are most required.

QuadraNet’s managed service provider partners may now provide new global services to their customers and benefit instantly from conducting business in new locations and collaborating with new clients all over the world thanks to Federated Edge program.

About the Federated Edge Program

The Federated Edge program from Zadara is meant to assist MSPs in winning on a global scale. Federated Edge is a group of MSPs that uses Zadara’s Edge Cloud Services, which include zCompute and zStorage. Federated Edge is a fully managed, distributed cloud architecture that enables novel edge computing use cases and revenue models without requiring hardware, technology, or human capital investments.

Zadara’s Federated Edge initiative is made up of hundreds of worldwide MSPs and is designed to support current edge-specific workloads. Every MSP who joins the Federated Edge will be able to deploy applications in hundreds of locations around the world by leveraging the infrastructure of other members, generating new revenue streams and enabling global cross-selling without having to invest in a new data center or other physical facility.

“QuadraNet Cloud is now available worldwide,” said Ilan Mishan, CEO of QuadraNet. “Powered by Zadaras Edge Cloud Services, QuadraNet is excited to offer On-Demand Edge Cloud Services anywhere in the world.”