Quali CloudShell 7.1 Adds Application Deployment for Hybrid Clouds with Support for AWS Cloud

CloudShell 7.1, the latest release of Quali – maker of cloud sandbox software for DevOps automation, introduces application deployment for hybrid clouds with support for Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud), among other technical advances.

Recognizing the rapid adoption of hybrid cloud deployments, Quali now enables hybrid sandboxes that straddle public-private clouds to accelerate cloud adoption “with lower risk and increased quality.”

The Quali CloudShell platform would automate and accelerate the DevOps lifecycle by providing dev, test, QA and compliance teams with personal replicas of their production environments within software sandboxes. The latest CloudShell 7.1 release includes out-of-the-box support for AWS Cloud via the Quali community, along with existing support for VMWare vCenter, and Docker. Support for Microsoft Azure and the Google Cloud Platform are planned for future releases. 

quali cloud sandboxQuali CloudShell 7.1 Enterprise Edition is available immediately as a free upgrade for existing customers. The Free Developer Edition is available for immediate download for registered users at the Quali Community. Enterprise Edition is available for new users with subscription pricing starting at $30,000 per year plus $3,000 per concurrent sandbox per year.


CloudShell Release 7.1 allows the management of AWS EC2 instances directly via the same sandbox environment as on premise VM instances. To facilitate an organization’s AWS Cloud budget and cost management activities, AWS EC2 instances deployed via CloudShell Apps are preconfigured by design and tagged. This would help drive better governance and cost control.

Environment sandbox templates consisting of a pre-defined set of components (such as resources, connections, inputs, properties etc.) would enable enterprises to define a uniform standard for new environments. The CloudShell Sandbox Template is provided off-the-shelf with CloudShell. It is configured to run CloudShell’s Setup and Teardown processes that perform the following operations:

  • Deploy and de-provision apps from the CloudShell and the cloud provider
  • Enable the use of AWS EC2 Apps by running connectivity procedures that set up the AWS VPC and subnet for the reservation
  • Link connectivity routes between resources and/or apps

In addition, users can now “easily” add custom data from Sandboxes into the CloudShell Insight business intelligence (BI) module and immediately expose them for use in dashboards, without any programming.