Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT) Unveils New Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) Solution, QxStack

QCT (Quanta Cloud Technology) has unveiled the latest in its growing lineup of HCI (Hyper-Converged Infrastructure) solutions. Powered by VMware Cloud Foundation, QxStack integrates compute, storage and networking into a single, advanced HCI solution for fast-growing software-defined data center space.

QxStack powered by VMware Cloud Foundation uses the VMware SDDC Manager, which automates lifecycle management and operations. VMware SDDC Manager automates tasks like deployment, configuration, patching and upgrades for the VMware software components running in Cloud Foundation, simplifying the process of routine system maintenance and upgrades for the cloud operator.

qct hyper converged infrastructureQCT QxStack powered by VMware Cloud Foundation would give customers a jumpstart in their journey to an SDDC by delivering a fully integrated VMware software stack on hyperscale-ready QCT hardware. QxStack features a standard 19” QCT rack with the QCT QuantaGrid D51B-1U server and QCT QuantaMesh BMS T1048-LB9 switch.

QxStack is only one of the many HCI products that QCT is demonstrating at VMworld 2016 US. Exhibiting in booth #963, QCT is showcasing its expanding collaboration with VMware to offer customers a wide array of pre-configured, pre-validated solutions for automating business workloads.

QCT’s Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions, based on VMware technology, now available:

  • QxVDI VMware Edition-OA – High-density, high availability turnkey VDI solution for office applications
  • QxVDI VMware Edition-HC – Hyper-converged VDI appliance for compute-intensive applications
  • QxStack VMware Edition-HC – HCI IaaS solution for high-performance workloads
  • QxStack powered by VMware Cloud Foundation – Easiest way to build and operate a software-defined data center (SDDC) private cloud
  • QxVDI powered by VMware Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode – Providing multiple pre-validated platforms to build and operate versatile desktop workloads with ease

QCT is also unveiling upgrades for QxVDI and QxStack. These would include CPU upgrades and increased memory capacity per server sled, as well as redundant embedded switches with support for 100 and 180 users in the QxVDI VMware Edition-OA product. Also, in both the VMware Edition-HC and the QxStack VMware Edition-HC, CPU upgrades increase the number of users and VMs supported.

“Our close, collaborative relationship with VMware has produced a wealth of hyper-converged infrastructure solutions that bring the power of the software-defined data center to customers of many sizes, not just the hyperscale players,” said Mike Yang, president of QCT. “Customers reap the rewards of this collaboration, with new solutions optimized for different applications, workloads and business objectives.”