Quantum Computing Now Available on AWS

Amazon Braket, a fully managed AWS service that provides a development environment to let clients explore and create quantum algorithms, has been made generally available by AWS. Clients may utilize Amazon Braket to verify their quantum algorithms by testing and troubleshooting them on simulated quantum computers operating on AWS computing resources.

Amazon Braket is available today in US East (N. Virginia), US West (N. California), and US West (Oregon) AWS Regions, with more regions planned for the future.

When ready, clients can use Amazon Braket to execute their quantum algorithms on a variety of quantum processors based on different technologies, such as D-Wave, IonQ, and Rigetti systems. Users would pay solely for the computing resources utilized in both simulated and quantum hardware workloads, which are handled through a single development experience.

About Quantum Computing

By using the rules of quantum physics to create more powerful tools for processing information, quantum computing offers the potential to tackle computational challenges that are beyond the grasp of classical computers. It has the potential to lead to breakthrough scientific discoveries that might revolutionize energy storage, chemical engineering, drug discovery, financial portfolio optimization, machine learning, and many other fields.

Having access to quantum hardware and managed infrastructure would allow organizations to assess how quantum computing may influence their operations in the future, allowing them to begin developing the required skills to pursue new possibilities.

Developers and Researchers

Amazon Braket helps developers and researchers in academia and business overcome obstacles by allowing them to explore and assess quantum computing using the same, consistent experience that AWS provides its customers today. Clients may get started fast with Amazon Braket by utilizing familiar tools like Jupyter notebooks to access pre-installed developer tools for designing quantum algorithms, visualizing results, and collaborating with others.

Photo Bill Vass, Vice President, Technology, at AWS
“The cloud will be the main way that customers access quantum computers and combine those systems with high-performance classical computing for certain types of computationally-intensive research,” said Bill Vass, Vice President, Technology, at AWS.

Clients may create their own quantum algorithms or pick from a growing library of pre-built algorithms using Amazon Braket’s cross-platform developer tools, resulting in a uniform experience that would eliminate the need to master different programming environments.

Clients may utilize Amazon EC2 computing resources to execute, test, and troubleshoot their algorithms on quantum computer simulators. They may then execute their algorithm on whichever quantum computer they want once it’s ready, without having to work with numerous vendors or commit to a particular technology.

Users on Amazon Braket may now choose between D-superconducting Wave’s quantum annealers, IonQ’s trapped ion processors, or Rigetti’s superconducting quantum processors. Clients may utilize Amazon Braket to execute hybrid algorithms as well as quantum algorithms, which mix the usage of quantum and classical computing systems to help overcome the limits of today’s quantum technology.

“As we see quantum computing technologies make more meaningful progress, thousands of customers are asking for ways to experiment with quantum computers to explore the technology’s potential and contribute to its development,” said Bill Vass, Vice President, Technology, at AWS. “The cloud will be the main way that customers access quantum computers and combine those systems with high-performance classical computing for certain types of computationally-intensive research. Amazon Braket makes it easy for organizations to begin experimenting with quantum computing today – from those just beginning to explore the possibilities to those that are already familiar with different quantum technologies and are ready to use it as a research tool. Our goal for Amazon Braket is to be a catalyst for innovation across the quantum community, bringing together hardware and software developers, researchers, and end users.”

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