Quarterly Sales For Oracle ERP Cloud and EPM Cloud Increases by 80 Percent

Oracle has announced that its Q2 FY2015, quarterly sales for Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud (Oracle ERP Cloud) and Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud (Oracle EPM Cloud) has increased by 80 percent. These cloud solutions offer CFOs a complete, integrated suite of financial management, procurement, projects, and performance management cloud services.

More than 600 enterprise and midsize companies worldwide have selected Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle EPM Cloud to drive finance innovation and growth, including Transit Wireless, SoundCloud, Ringo Mobile, and Communications Test Design, Inc.

oracle-cloudReal estate firm RE/MAX was among those companies that recently selected Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle EPM Cloud as part of a full suite of Oracle cloud services. With a global network of franchisee-owned and -operated offices and more than 90,000 sales associates, RE/MAX will rely on Oracle to help grow its business and meet regulatory reporting requirements as a newly listed public company.

“Our financial information has become transparent subsequent to our 2013 initial public offering,” said Karri Callahan, acting chief financial officer and corporate controller, RE/MAX. “To support our ambitious growth strategy, we needed a more efficient finance system with embedded controls and extensive reporting capabilities. Oracle offered us pre-integrated, state-of-the-art cloud services. This was a compelling value, since we prefer to invest in technology innovations for our brokers and agents rather than maintaining separate systems.”

Analytics and Reporting

lynda.com, an online learning company, is another innovative, fast-growing organization that selected Oracle ERP Cloud to scale its online learning business globally.

“We looked at major players and other vendors during our rather exhaustive evaluation process for the right cloud ERP solution, and ultimately selected Oracle for its superior analytics and reporting, and completeness of its offerings for our finance organization,” said lynda.com CFO Elaine Kitagawa. “We are growing quickly and expanding internationally. Oracle’s global functionality and scalable platform were major factors in our decision. Oracle is clearly committed to becoming the ERP vendor of choice for fast-growing companies like lynda.com, and we are excited to have Oracle as our partner in this growth journey.”