Quasar Cloud-Based Video Quality Control Now Interoperable with AWS Cloud

Venera Technologies has announced interoperability of its Quasar product – a cloud-based video quality control (QC) solution – with AWS Media Services for supporting video quality in a “scalable, cost-effective” cloud-based video workflow.

Quasar is a cloud-based video quality control (QC) solution from Venera Technologies that provides end-to-end video/audio quality assurance, comprehensive QC, and Picture Quality (PQ) measurements across any network.

AWS Media Services are cloud-based services with pay-as-you-go pricing, which provide customers the capability to ingest, process, package, and deliver video content at scale. AWS Elemental MediaConvert is a file-based video transcoding service with packaging and encryption capabilities and can function as a standalone service or within a larger video workflow.

Customers can now use Quasar with AWS Elemental MediaConvert to provide secured, scalable, and efficient solutions for on-demand video workflows. Additional capabilities include standards compliance checks, and features to enable next-generation video deployment, such as 4K, and HEVC.

“Quasar allows comprehensive checks to verify syntax, regulatory, and vendor compliances along with video/audio quality,” said Fereidoon Khosravi, SVP of Business Development for Americas at Venera Technologies. “With support of all adaptive bitrate formats and broadcast/archiving formats, Quasar is ready for a wide range of content workflows.”

Reduced Latency

File-based video workflows can combine Quasar and AWS Elemental MediaConvert to power content library conversion and creation of on-demand assets for broadcast and multiscreen delivery.

Quasar offers a comprehensive set of validation checks for audio, video, container, adaptive bitrate and IMF/DCP packages. Being a native cloud application, Quasar would also offer the following advanced capabilities, such as

  • Dynamic/Auto scaling – for handling content volume burst
  • OPEX-based model – allowing alignment of investment with business growth
  • Regional resourcing – for reduced latency and high reliability