Querying external data with BigQuery

Temporary tables for external data sources → https://goo.gle/31O7a1g
Connect to Cloud SQL from BigQuery → https://goo.gle/35D0d45
Technical documentation for external data sources → https://goo.gle/37LicrD

Querying data residing in BigQuery is easy, but what about querying data from outside BigQuery? In this episode of BigQuery Spotlight, we show you how to set up an external data source in BigQuery, allowing you to query data from Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL, Google Drive, and more. Watch to learn how you can utilize BigQuery with other datasets!

Flight performance data → gs://cloud-training/CPB200/BQ/lab4/domestic_2014_flights_*.json
BigQuery Omni blog post → https://goo.gle/3jDye9k

0:00 – Intro
0:25 – Which external data sources are accessible
0:47 – Considerations with external data sources
1:32 – Use cases for external data sources
2:26 – How to set up an external data source
4:55 – More information and next steps

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Product: BigQuery; fullname: Alicia Williams;

Duration: 00:05:49
Publisher: Google Cloud
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