Qwilt Announces Enhanced Cloud Capability for Its ‘Open Edge Service Provider CDN’ Solution


Qwilt, a provider of ‘Open Edge Cloud’ that supports applications such as Open Caching, 4K Live Streaming, AR, VR, Self- Driving Cars and Internet of Things (IoT), has announced the launch of its enhanced Open Edge Service Provider CDN – an application within its line of Open Edge Cloud solutions.

Qwilt’s Open Edge CDN, with an augmented suite of APIs, extends Qwilt’s “expertise” in edge computing, open caching and web-scale content delivery with an “innovative”, cloud-based service provider CDN offering built on the Apache Traffic Control open source project. This combination of cloud-based CDN operations and edge delivery would result in two unique benefits to the service provider: web-scale architecture and low-latency, high-quality content delivery from the network edge.

As with all open cloud architectures, the Qwilt Open Edge CDN includes a rich suite of open API services that allow service providers to scale delivery at the edge of their networks. These APIs have been enhanced in the newest version to improve performance and to reflect the broader functionality and use cases approved by the Streaming Video Alliance in the past year.

This cloud-based, open architecture means service providers can leverage the reach, scale,and performance uniquely available in their last-mile network. The result is “full service provider control over a web-scale content delivery solution with low-latency, high-quality edge delivery.”

Qwilt’s Open Edge CDN solution is one of the ‘3-in-1’ set of applications which support three primary edge cloud use cases for content delivery within the service provider network. Each Qwilt edge node can support the following three modes of content delivery:

  • Open Caching – Delivery of 3rd party and partner content, both HTTP and HTTPS, through delegation and using specifications approved unanimously by the Streaming Video Alliance. Open Caching can be used by commercial and private CDNs to delegate delivery to edge nodes deployed in the service provider network.
  • Transparent Caching – Delivery of partner, OTT and service provider owned HTTP content through transparent caching. Transparent caching works autonomously to detect, classify, cache and deliver popular content at the network edge.  In this way, transparent caching optimizes streaming content across the network.
  • Open Edge CDN – Delivery of service provider owned content, both HTTP and HTTPS, via edge nodes deployed in the service provider network and managed by cloud-based operations.

Qwilt’s Open Edge CDN solution provides our customers with a new, web-scale architecture for content delivery,” said Alon Maor, CEO of Qwilt. “We invite service providers to join the movement to the edge. Our Open Edge CDN is another mission-critical application for the service provider edge cloud.”