RackHigh Launches Enterprise Private Cloud Hosting Solution Powered by VMware

RackHigh, a dedicated server and cloud hosting company from Saudi Arabia, has announced the availability of its VMware Enterprise Private Cloud, which offers a private cloud hosting environment powered by VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus.

private-cloud-hosting-saudi-arabiaRackHigh’s private cloud hosting solution is a secured single-tenant pool of cloud computing resources, custom-built for every client, and connected with a scalable SAN storage solution. The Enterprise Private Cloud utilizes RackHigh’s automated cloud infrastructure platform together with VMware’s enterprise-grade cloud computing technology. Some of the features of this blend include:

  • Rule-Based AutoScaling – Clients can write business rules that govern increases or decreases in resources based upon real-time data.
  • Automatic Failover – Users receive high availability using redundant SAN-based Cloud Storage, leveraged by the RackHigh Cloud
  • Live Migrations – Users can perform live migrations between virtual machines and cloud servers with no downtime.
  • Remote System Administration – Access is provided by both the VMware vCenter Server and My.RackHigh control panels.

Users of the VMware Enterprise Private Cloud can deploy unlimited virtual machines within their private cloud hosting environment, and apply any Windows or Linux workload as well as a number of enterprise applications. These applications are managed through VMware’s vFabric Suite, a middleware layer for data-intensive custom applications that enables users to deploy Microsoft stack applications as well as other enterprise apps within their secure private cloud hosting environment.

RackHigh engineers work with the client to build a network diagram that balances efficiency of design with raw computing power to determine the client’s ideal configuration.

With clients in 120 countries, three geographically dispersed Saudi Arabian-based data centers and a new facility in Los Angeles, CA, RackHigh provides dedicated servers, cloud hosting, and managed hosting services to more than 2,000 customers. The company currently has more than 2,500 servers online.