RackHigh Launches Security Accelerator Service for Dedicated Servers and Cloud Hosting

RackHigh, a Saudi Arabia provider of automated hosting and IT infrastructure services, has launched its RackHigh Security Accelerator. The new service is designed to automate the deployment and management of advanced security features for both dedicated servers and cloud hosting environments.

RackHigh Security Accelerator provides clients with a centralized and automated toolkit for the implementation and management of a wide-range of enterprise security protocols for dedicated servers and cloud hosting infrastructure.

Key features of the RackHigh Security Accelerator solution include:

  • PCI Scanning – An automated PCI scan alerts users to vulnerabilities either in the software or OS of their component.
  • Two-Factor Authentication – The two-factor authentication supported by Security Accelerator provides a second layer of protection for gaining access to a component, incorporating a second “key” sent via an SMS text message.
  • Firewall Management – Firewall rules can be dynamically configured directly from RackHigh’s My.RackHigh management platform.
  • User Management – Clients can view a list of users accessed through My.RackHigh for an easy-to-manage control center for managing passwords and user access.
  • Private Network Deployment for Protected Resources – PCI and other security policies require that some system resources are not directly accessible from the Internet. The RackHigh platform natively enables deployment of resources through its out-of-band high-speed private network to facilitate secure data transfer between systems.
RackHigh’s new data center location in Los Angeles is part of InfoRelay’s colocation facility, LAX1, with space for more than 2,000 dedicated servers

“Security Accelerator provides the security tools that every system administrator knows are needed, but few organizations properly deploy and maintain on their own,” said Shafiq Ur Rehman, CEO at RackHigh. “We created Security Accelerator because many of our customers were concerned about security but also intimidated by the complex compliance and regulatory requirements that they need to meet, such as PCI or HIPAA standards.”

With clients in 120 countries, three geographically dispersed Saudi Arabian-based data centers and a new facility in Los Angeles, CA, RackHigh provides dedicated servers, cloud hosting, and managed hosting services to more than 2,000 customers. The company has more than 2,500 servers online.