Rackspace Announces DevOps Automation Service For Hybrid Cloud Hosting Deployments


Rackspace Hosting will help customers automate their hybrid cloud hosting infrastructure with a new managed support service for DevOps tools. The new DevOps Automation Service helps developers automate the process of deploying and scaling hybrid clouds for fast-growing applications.

The DevOps Automation Service would enable developers and IT departments to accelerate time to market for their products and features by allowing them to deploy, scale and test new configurations in hours rather than days.

In addition, the new Rackspace service would help improve the quality of software deployments and to create more frequent software releases, as automating processes will allow organizations to provision servers consistently and free of mistakes typically caused by manual installation and configuration.

DevOps talent is hard to find

“Rather than sacrificing quality or uptime because of avoidable human errors, devops methodology and practices of agility and automation can reduce human interaction with code and infrastructure,” said 451 Research Senior Analyst Jay Lyman. “This continuous deployment approach to infrastructure can accelerate release time and time-to-market for applications and features by reducing errors and test time and supporting devops processes.”

“It’s hard to find, recruit and train DevOps talent, so our customers and prospects wanted us to provide the expertise they need to automate their own IT needs,” said Jonathan Siegel, product director, Rackspace. “The DevOps Automation Service is comprised of the same tools and best-practices that enabled Rackspace to launch 18 new cloud products, push code into production more than 2,500 times and run over 15,000 automated tests last year.”