Rackspace Bolsters Hybrid Cloud Offerings with VMware Workload Migration Service for Enterprises

rackpace-cloud-hostingRackspace Hosting (NYSE: RAX) has announced a new migration service for its Managed Hosting Virtualization solution, Dedicated VMware vCenter Server. The service enables enterprise customers to easily migrate existing VMware workloads out of their on-premise data center into a Rackspace data center and to find the best fit for their applications and workloads in a hybrid cloud hosting environment.

The new hybrid cloud hosting service has been designed to enable customers to migrate workloads out of their data center and into a Rackspace data center. With Dedicated VMware vCenter Server, enterprise customers can now migrate existing VMware workloads out of their on-premise data center into a Rackspace data center, while leveraging existing tools to maintain the control and agility they require.

VMware vCenter APIs

The VMware hosting environment hosted by Rackspace will look and feel as an extension of the enterprise customer’s own data center by leveraging the same vCenter APIs utilized by their existing tools. Specifically, customers maintain control and management capabilities through the use of dedicated vCenter Servers, vCenter APIs, compatible third-party tools, and their existing service catalogs, orchestration platforms and portals. Customers can utilize their familiar orchestration tools to provision virtual machines (VMs) in minutes, while providing visibility into costs and usage whether on- or off-premise through a single user interface.

Rackspace Hosting provides a full portfolio of hybrid hosting services including bare-metal Dedicated Servers, servers virtualized by VMware, and both Public Cloud Hosting and Private Cloud Hosting services powered by OpenStack.

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- Koen Stegeman, Editor-in-Chief and CEO