Rackspace Joins Forces With Pivotal to Deliver Managed Pivotal Cloud Foundry to Enterprise Customers

Global cloud hosting services provider Rackspace has joined forces with Pivotal to deliver Managed Pivotal Cloud Foundry to enterprise customers. This new Rackspace solution would help enterprises globally to use this cloud-native platform, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, to quickly build and deploy applications at scale.

Pivotal now works with over one-third of the Fortune 100, and a rapidly growing portion of the Fortune 2000, who “rely on Pivotal Cloud Foundry to rapidly develop and run modern and legacy applications at startup speeds.” Pivotal Cloud Foundry is an application development platform that runs on any cloud infrastructure – across public, private and managed clouds.

pivotal cloud foundryRackspace will manage Pivotal Cloud Foundry on any public or private cloud, as well as on customer-owned infrastructure, backed by “deep technical expertise and by its ‘Fanatical Support’ services department.

“Most organizations want to deliver application features more quickly and efficiently while modernizing their architectures, but getting there isn’t always easy,” said Brannon Lacey, vice president of applications and platforms at Rackspace. “Pivotal Cloud Foundry is a valuable platform that can help businesses achieve their development goals more effectively. Managed Pivotal Cloud Foundry from Rackspace makes this technology, and its benefits, accessible to developers in organizations of all types and sizes, regardless of their expertise and experience with the platform.”

The operational benefits of Managed Pivotal Cloud Foundry from Rackspace would include:

  • 24x7x365 comprehensive management – Customers who don’t want to hire and dedicate resources for managing Pivotal Cloud Foundry would be able to completely offload operations and management tasks to Rackspace. Those tasks include troubleshooting, managing upgrades and feature releases and integrating various services – such as MySQL, Redis and RabbitMQ – with Pivotal Cloud Foundry.
  • Multi-cloud capability – Customers who need a managed, multi-cloud deployment would be able to leverage support for leading public and private clouds as well as dedicated hardware. Rackspace will manage Pivotal Cloud Foundry on customer-owned infrastructure as well as any public or private cloud infrastructure, including those powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Azure Stack, Microsoft Private Cloud, VMware, Rackspace OpenStack Private Cloud and Rackspace OpenStack Public Cloud.
  • On-demand expertise – Rackspace experts will handle Pivotal Cloud Foundry version upgrades, feature enhancements and other technical updates as they arise. Rackspace offers SLAs of 99.99 percent uptime with a 15-minute response time for emergency issues.

“Managed Pivotal Cloud Foundry is Rackspace‘s first step into the managed platform space, as we move up the stack to solutions that customers want our help with,” added Mr. Lacey. “It is a solution that helps customers get up and running on Pivotal Cloud Foundry quickly and stay up and running, with operational support and proactive monitoring. This way, in-house teams can focus on innovation and getting out to market quickly while Rackspace handles the backend.”