Rackspace Launches Big Data Hosting Platform Powered by Apache Hadoop

Hosting company Rackspace has announced the availability of the Hortonworks Data Platform powered by Apache Hadoop in both the managed hosting environment and the Rackspace public cloud.

Customers can choose the right environment to host their Big Data solutions, and take advantage of a hybrid cloud approach to achieve the best overall application performance. Rackspace is also offering managed hosting services around the Big Data solution to ease the operational burden for customers.

Cloud or Managed Hosting

Rackspace Managed Big Data offering provides an optimized Big Data platform powered by Apache Hadoop that is aimed at reducing operational burden, while providing open source application integration. With this managed hosting services offering, customers would be able to deploy a fully featured and supported Hadoop-powered infrastructure through a single vendor contract, while leveraging a service level guarantee from Rackspace to support and maintain the environment.

The Rackspace Cloud Big Data Platform would feature a platform powered by Apache Hadoop distribution that customers can deploy and scale rapidly in the cloud with simple pricing and no upfront investment. This provides an open service model powered by Apache Hadoop that will help foster a large ecosystem of application vendors.

“We are excited to be working with Rackspace to bring the Hortonworks Data Platform to the Rackspace Hybrid Cloud,” said John Kreisa, vice president of strategic marketing, Hortonworks. “By combining the open source commitments of Rackspace and Hortonworks, we are creating a platform of capabilities that accelerates the adoption of open standards, while continuing to deliver expertise to the broader Hadoop community.”