Rackspace Launches Cloud-Native Engineering Services Model

Global hosting company Rackspace Technology (NASDAQ: RXT), a provider of end-to-end multicloud technology solutions, has launched its new service model, Rackspace Elastic Engineering. This engineering services model is designed to help Rackspace’s customers build and operate modern cloud environments.

Rackspace Elastic Engineering would help users adopt a cloud-native approach while providing continuous innovation, modernization and transformation, and around-the-clock “best-in-class” operations. Rackspace Elastic Engineering supports all three major public cloud providers, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The company claims that the launch marks a beginning of significant changes in its approach to managed cloud support.

“Customers benefit most from cloud technologies when workloads, teams and processes are transformed into a cloud-native and more agile operating model. Traditional managed services struggle to meet the needs in these environments due to inflexible scope and contract structures,” said Tolga Tarhan, chief technology officer (CTO) at Rackspace Technology. “Rackspace Elastic Engineering combines our unmatched operational expertise with flexible, modern, cloud-native engineering services.”

Creating Customer Intimacy

At the core of this Rackspace Elastic Engineering model are ‘pods’: groups of nine architects and engineers who specialize in cloud engineering. Rackspace’s customers always work with the same pod, which is familiar with their team and environment. They will use Rackspace Elastic Engineering services by subscribing to partial capacity from their pod through flexible monthly service tiers.

This unique delivery model would help ensure a higher level of customer intimacy, enabling the pod to act as an extension of the customer’s team and deliver transformative engineering and operations services guided by best practices.


Photo Tolga Tarhan, CTO at Rackspace Technology
[PHOTO CAPTION:] “Customers benefit most from cloud technologies when workloads, teams and processes are transformed into a cloud-native and more agile operating model,” said Tolga Tarhan, CTO at Rackspace Technology.
As more customers adopt a cloud-native approach, their teams are increasingly moving to DevOps-oriented operational models, stated Rackspace. DevOps approaches would increasingly blur the lines between infrastructure and applications, and ‘build’ and ‘operate.’ At the same time, large monolithic outsourcing contracts are unable to provide the flexibility needed for modern cloud deployments, says Rackspace. It would lead to stagnation and inefficient use of cloud technologies.

In response to these trends, enterprises are demanding more customized engineering and operations capabilities from their partners. In light of these changes, Rackspace Elastic Engineering provides this new model for continuous partnership with cloud hosting clients. It is based on agile and DevOps disciplines, as well as decades of operational experience from Rackspace Technology.

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