Rackspace Launches Global Professional Services Aimed At Enterprise Customers

Rackspace has announced an expanded professional services offering to help customers move workloads out of their data centers and onto the world’s leading public and private cloud platforms.

This offer, called Global Solutions and Services (GSS), would provide customers across all markets with the specialized expertise and support needed to transform their IT operations. Rackspace’s GSS offering is now available globally.

Through GSS, Rackspace architects and engineers will work with customers to plan, assess, design, migrate, manage and optimize their journey to the cloud, helping to ensure they achieve maximum performance, agility and cost-efficiency. Rackspace will provide professional services to any business, regardless of which cloud platform it chooses or whether it is an existing Rackspace customer.

Rackspace GSS will provide specialized expertise and professional services in several key areas, including:

  • Portfolio Solution Architects will serve as customers’ trusted advisors, helping them run each of their workloads where they will run best. Through Rackspace specialized expertise on all of the leading public and private clouds, as well as dedicated servers, architects can offer both a seasoned point of view and unbiased guidance on which solutions will serve customers’ unique needs.
  • Specialist Solution Architects with deep expertise and experience on specific cloud technologies will work directly with customers on each cloud platform that they choose.
  • Professional Services/Partner Services are delivered through cloud architects, consultants and engineers that will help customers with planning, assessment, design, architecture, migration and optimization across the selected cloud solutions. Rackspace leverages strategic partners as needed to complement the company’s expertise and capacity, providing customers with complete, end-to-end solutions.

cloud hosting rackspaceRackspace Enhanced Professional services will include expertise and support not only for multi-cloud infrastructure, but also for security, compliance and governance, as well as for datastores and other applications. Rackspace services include load testing, DevOps project support and maintenance, security testing and project management as a service.

Rackspace has earned the highest level of partner certification from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, and recently announced a strategic relationship with Google Cloud to become its first managed services support partner for Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Rackspace also offers specialized expertise and support for dedicated servers and for the three major private clouds, powered by VMware, Microsoft and OpenStack.

“As more businesses look to move IT operations out of the data center, they recognize that they need help transitioning to multi-cloud models,” said Rachel Cassidy, vice president of Global Solutions and Services, Rackspace. “In response to customer demand, we’re expanding our managed cloud portfolio to offer professional services not only to the SMB and mid-market customers we have served for nearly two decades, but also to our fast-growing stable of enterprise customers.”

“Rackspace operates one of the largest VMware footprints in the world, and we employ thousands of specialized cloud experts across multiple platforms,” added Cassidy. “With this breadth and depth of expertise, we are uniquely suited to help guide our customers through every phase of their cloud journey. We provide everything from front-end assessments and guidance to full migration services and ongoing operational support, depending on the customer’s needs. Our goal is to relieve customers of the complexity of moving to multiple clouds, allowing them to focus on their core business.”