Rackspace Launches New Content Delivery Networking (CDN) Service with Akamai

Managed cloud hosting company Rackspace has announced the launch of its Rackspace Content Delivery Network (CDN). This new service is powered by Akamai Technologies, a global provider of CDN technology. It offers Rackspace customers integrated, “one-click” access to Akamai’s CDN services via the Rackspace portal.

rackspace-hostingThe integration of Akamai’s CDN into our cloud platform allows us to create an on demand, utility-based, content delivery solution, which expands the Rackspace managed cloud portfolio,” said Steve Crusenberry, senior vice president, infrastructure at Rackspace. “As more of our customers focus on the performance of their digital platform, our new CDN solution will give them a faster, more reliable way to deliver website content to their customers across the world.”

With Rackspace CDN, customers would be able to scale out their worldwide presence efficiently without massive infrastructure investments. During the early access program, Rackspace CDN specialists were able to provision 300 customers in less than 24 hours.

akamai-technologies“Through this strategic relationship, Rackspace customers can benefit from even easier, faster access to the global scale, reach and performance of the Akamai CDN,” said John Sconyers, senior director, Cloud Services Partners, Akamai. “This integration can help users quickly turn on CDN capabilities, using APIs, through Rackspace and immediately take advantage of the ability to offload full web sites and web applications.”