Rackspace Launches New Range of High-performance Public Cloud Servers

cloud-servers-rackspaceHosting provider Rackspace has announced its architecturally redesigned public cloud with Performance Cloud Servers. These new powerful Cloud Servers are designed for a variety of workloads, ranging from basic web hosting to large scale NoSQL data stores like MongoDB and Cassandra.

The Rackspace Performance Cloud Servers are designed with RAID 10-protected solid-state disks (SSDs), powerful Intel Xeon E5 processors, up to 120 Gigabytes of RAM, and 40 Gigabits per second of highly available network throughput to the host. Rackspace claims that these servers deliver more total performance over existing Cloud Servers as follows*:

  • 4x more total RAM
  • 2x more total CPU performance
  • 132x more total disk I/O (input/output)
  • 8.3x more total network bandwidth
  • 2.6x more total overall performance

*The Rackspace benchmarks would compare a 30GB Standard Cloud Server to a 120GB Performance Cloud Server, the largest available in each class. Multiple tests were run for each benchmark and the average score taken. Linux kernel compile time was used to measure CPU performance, fio to measure disk I/O, iperf to measure network bandwidth and unixbench to measure overall performance.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

In addition, the new Performance Cloud Servers’ high throughput network has been specifically designed to work with Cloud Block Storage, delivering up to 1.5x more disk I/O performance for Standard volumes and 2.5X more disk I/O performance for SSD volumes, accordording to Rackspace. The Rackspace benchmarks use fio to compare Cloud Block Storage Standard and SSD volume performance on a 15GB Standard Cloud Server and 15GB Performance Cloud Server. Multiple tests were run and the average score taken.

Performance Cloud Servers are powered by OpenStack enabling programmatic and on-demand access. Customers can connect the new range of cloud servers to dedicated bare metal servers as part of the Rackspace Hybrid Cloud.

Performance Cloud Servers are immediately available in the Rackspace Northern Virginia region. The new cloud servers will come online in the Dallas, Chicago and London regions later in November, and Sydney and Hong Kong regions will follow in the first half of 2014.

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