Rackspace Sharpens Its Focus on Managed Cloud Market Segment

Global cloud hosting provider Rackspace has announced its new strategy to deliver public cloud to the market with an enhanced focus on delivering services to the managed cloud market segment. The company enhanced its managed cloud service levels and launched a more transparent service-based pricing model, while Rackspace Cloud Monitoring is now free for all customers.

Credits: Scott Beale / Laughing Squid (http://laughingsquid.com)

“More customers are looking for a trusted partner with specialized expertise to help manage their cloud,” said Graham Weston, Rackspace co-founder and CEO. “Rackspace is ideally positioned to lead this managed cloud segment of the market. Our new service levels will help businesses tap the power of the cloud without the pain of recruiting experts in dozens of complex technologies.”

New Enhanced Managed Service Levels

Both of Rackspace’s service levels, Managed Infrastructure and Managed Operations, would feature more services and expertise at lower total cost than companies would spend managing cloud operations on their own. Highlights include:

  • Managed Infrastructure – Customers will receive Rackspace’s customer service, known as ‘Fanatical Support’, which features architecture advisors, security guidance, code development assist, launch assistance, and 24×7 access to cloud engineers.
  • Managed Operations – This service level provides customers with ‘Fanatical Support’ and all the services included at the managed infrastructure level, plus additional proactive features such as a dedicated account manager, 24×7 availability monitoring and response, and management of common operating systems and application stacks.

Rackspace offers two approaches to deliver its Managed Operations service level to customers. In one approach, Rackspace logs into the customer’s servers to manage and, when necessary, help fix them. The other approach leverages Rackspace DevOps Automation Service, which manages a customer’s infrastructure as code, to help it achieve faster deployments and streamlined operations.

In addition, monitoring and enabling customers to have real-time visibility into their infrastructure is an essential part of the Rackspace Managed Cloud strategy. Customers on both managed cloud service levels will now receive Rackspace Cloud Monitoring at no charge. For Managed Operations customers, cloud engineers will also watch the customer’s monitors and respond 24×7 to alerts.