Rackspace Unveils New Customer Services Entailing Reliability Engineering and Managed Security for GCP

Rackspace has broadened its portfolio of services for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) customers with the launch of its new programs, Customer Reliability Engineering (CRE) and Rackspace Managed Security (RMS) – Proactive Detection and Response as well as Compliance Assistance for GCP.

Rackspace CRE, one of many services in the company’s growing portfolio of GCP solutions, would be ideal for customers running business-critical applications that require high levels of performance and reliability. Rackspace CRE would leverage the same principles and processes pioneered by Google Cloud and will allow Rackspace to work with customers to assess their objectives, design, implementation and operational procedures of business-critical applications to help improve overall reliability and resiliency.

As Google Cloud’s first CRE managed service partner, the Rackspace CRE team was hand-selected by Google Cloud and has undergone extensive training with senior Google Cloud site reliability engineers (SREs). This program, along with Rackspace’s first-hand experience in operating one of the world’s largest clouds, would allow Rackspace CREs to lead a series of workshops designed to guide customers on how to implement SRE principles, improve the reliability of critical applications, address tradeoffs among performance, reliability, and cost, and to solve key application issues. The specific content of these workshops for Rackspace customers focuses on:

  • Understanding Site Reliability Engineering – Provides a detailed explanation of the SRE framework, while discussing real-world examples of how SRE can be applied and the value it delivers to organizations.
  • Identifying and Measuring Service Level Objectives – Discusses fundamental concepts and techniques required to build a successful SRE team, why a well-defined and measured SLO is crucial to the SRE approach and where organizations should have SLOs defined. It also trains customers how to incorporate error budgeting and risk analysis into developer’s day-to-day workloads.
  • Applying Operational Best Practices – Educates customers on the best way to apply processes and procedures to help ensure that their team can scale with their services by reducing toil, dealing with interrupts, being on-call, conducting incident response management and fostering a postmortem culture.
  • Assessing Application Reliability – Conducts an in-depth review of how to best prioritize and implement agreed upon SLOs in areas such as software and platform architecture, capacity and scaling, development and release engineering, failures and outages, security and risk assessments, among others.

In addition to CRE, Rackspace has launched its new RMS Proactive Detection and Response, and Compliance Assistance for GCP offerings. Together, these offerings would deliver swift breach detection and remediation, helping to minimize the time cybercriminals spend in an environment and to limit the overall impact to the business. With RMS, businesses can layer additional active security on GCP to detect and respond to advanced cyber threats.

Rackspace uses pre-approved actions to “promptly” remediate security incidents. This level of security would help strengthen customers’ environments beyond the operational network and infrastructure security provided by most cloud providers. It also complements the strategic planning, architectural guidance and 24x7x365 operational support available through Rackspace’s ‘Managed Services for Google Cloud Platform.’

“Our collaboration with Rackspace has continued to evolve over the past year and together we are driving some exciting innovations that will deliver more value to our customers,” said Choon Aun Quek Head of Cloud Platform, North Central & Canada, Google. “The CRE and managed security and compliance assistance offerings for GCP ensure customers’ applications are high performing, reliable and secure. We look forward to ongoing collaboration.”

Rackspace CRE and Rackspace Managed Security Services for GCP are now generally available for Rackspace customers worldwide.

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