Information Security: The Year-in-Review

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Security is one of the top concerns for enterprise cloud consumers. Rackspace has the expertise to guide our customers and help secure their environment in the ever-changing security threat landscape. This week we’re joined by Rackspace CSO Brian Kelly to discuss the biggest security stories from 2016, and a look ahead to 2017.

Episode 175 : Information Security: A Year in Review

Recorded Live: 12-15-2016

Alan Bush: @alanbush – Community Manager, Rackspace
Drew Cox: @drewcoxsa – Enterprise Technical Advisor, Rackspace
Brian Kelly: Chief Security Officer, Rackspace

Introductions (00:00-02:40)
2016 Security trends (02:41-06:07)
Sickness prevention (06:08-09:10)
2016 Security trends cont. (09:12-12:20)
Prioritization (12:21-14:22)
Cloud compliance (14:24-18:42)
Essential practices and the human element (18:43-23:35)
Balance of complexity (23:40-27:34)
Rackspace Managed Security Service (27:35-28:18)
Trusting the experts (28:19-30:11)
Sharing knowledge (30:12-36:11)
Cloud in 2017 (36:13-41:00)
Active Defense in 2017 (41:01-43:57)
Instinctive vs. procedural (43:59-46:08)
Problem with checklists (46:09-47:55)
Ransomware (48:00-50:58)
Don’t get caught in the hype (50:59-52:44)
Wrap up (52:45-54:21)

Rackspace Managed Security

Brian Kelly, CSO

Duration: 54:22
Publisher: Rackspace
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