RackWare Adds DigitalOcean Support for Assessment, Migration, and DR

RackWare boothA pioneer in hybrid cloud management solutions, RackWare, has declared complete support for the cloud platform of DigitalOcean. The RackWare Management Module (RMM) on DigitalOcean would provide a fully integrated solution for all user needs regarding evaluation, cloud migration, disaster recovery, and backup for the DigitalOcean cloud platform.

It would provide customers with a simple method to begin DigitalOcean migration projects and offer “state-of-the-art” Disaster Recovery on the DigitalOcean cloud.

With RackWare RMM, users can complete cloud migration more quickly and cost-effective, stated RackWare. RackWare’s highly automated solution would also duplicate workloads running on Linux and Windows from any physical server, cloud, or hypervisor into DigitalOcean in reduced time and costs.

RackWare is based in Silicon Valley with offices in Salt Lake City, Philadelphia, London, and Pune, India.

Key aspects of RackWare RMM would include the following:

  • RackWare Assess – Evaluation of the IT environment that is entirely automated and includes a compute, memory, and storage inventory. permits resource over- and under-provisioning monitoring, offers suggestions for appropriate size, and finds application affinities to support wave planning. It offers the information required to set up DR/Backup and plan the transfer of apps into DigitalOcean.
  • RackWare CloudMotion – Servers (physical and virtual) may be securely and non-disruptively replicated to DigitalOcean from any source, data center, or cloud. To commence replication and auto-provision data and apps to DigitalOcean, just deploy RMM in a DigitalOcean account, permit Secure Socket Shell (SSH) connectivity back to the source workloads that match the prerequisites, and click ‘Go.’ This single click process will take place. RackWare‘s extremely effective delta syncs guarantee less downtime during cutover.
  • RackWare CloudProtect – A combined disaster recovery and backup solution that can be used for Single File Restore, Full Server Restoration, and DigitalOcean environments. Businesses may use DigitalOcean to safeguard their production workloads, enabling quick application and data recovery in the event of calamities like natural disasters or ransomware attacks.