RackWare’s HCP Now on Google Cloud: Swift Migration & Disaster Recovery

RackWare boothThe RackWare Hybrid Cloud Platform (HCP), developed by RackWare, a pioneer in hybrid cloud management solutions, is now available on the Google Cloud Marketplace. It would allow businesses to easily and quickly complete disaster recovery and cloud migration projects from any source to Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

According to Bryan Gobbett, CEO of RackWare, “Google continues to be a strategic partner and deepening relationship for RackWare. Businesses that adopt hybrid and multi-cloud strategies need a quick, simple, and affordable method for moving workloads to the cloud, setting up disaster recovery, and dynamically transferring data and apps across their hybrid cloud environments. RackWare HCP users on GCP continue to provide us with very favorable comments, stating that tasks that formerly took weeks or months can now be completed in a matter of days or hours.”

With the help of RackWare HCP, businesses can assess their IT infrastructure resources, transfer workloads to the cloud, set up disaster recovery, and dynamically shift workloads between private clouds and hybrid cloud environments. The platform provides all processes from any source (private cloud, public cloud, or data center) to any cloud, including GCP, with an easy-to-use and completely automated deployment architecture devoid of complicated rules. Businesses can eliminate mistakes and finish cloud migration and disaster recovery projects more quickly with less resources.

Compute, Memory, and Storage Utilization

RackWare’s new Hybrid Cloud Platform would include the following:

RackWare Assess – This platform would enable businesses to completely automate the process of identifying global IT infrastructure, tracking, and evaluating compute, memory, and storage utilization and offering appropriate recommendations, projecting cloud costs in response to changing requirements, and organizing the transfer of upcoming workloads.

RackWare CloudMotion – Auto-provisioning data and applications, this solution offers safe, non-disruptive, one-click server replication of Windows, Linux, Kubernetes, or OpenShift from any data center or cloud to any cloud, including GCP.

RackWare CloudProtect – Providing integrated backup and disaster recovery services that transfer data and applications to any cloud, including GCP – to safeguard production workloads. In the event of a cyberattack or natural catastrophe, CloudProtect would facilitate swift recovery by enabling anything from individual file recoveries to whole server restoration. This includes ransomware attacks.

The Google Cloud Marketplace would enable seamless procurement and consolidated billing through a single channel. Through Google Cloud, enterprises can now access RackWare solutions quicker, accelerate time-to-value, adhere to regulatory requirements, while ensuring disaster recovery from anywhere in the world.