Radio Cloud Native: Costa Rica Downed by Ransomware | May 18, 2022

Each week, Nick Chase, Director of Technical Marketing & Developer Relations, and Eric Gregory, Sr. Technical Writer, break down the interesting & impactful stories from across the cloud native technology landscape. The leading stories this week are the massive ransomware attack in Costa Rica, a new, secure open source initiative from Google Cloud & some notable new releases from the cloud native world.

This weeks topics include:
0:00 – Intro & agenda
0:30 – Assured open source software from Google Cloud
4:03 – Costa Rica downed by ransomware attack
17:07 – Red Hat Kubernetes security survey
23:30 – Juniper announces release of CN2
25:54 – Envoy Gateway announced, makes Envoy proxy easier for Developers
28:45 – Elon & Twitter update
36:54 – Study published on mental health & social media usage
39:10 – Whack-a-Doodle

Duration: 00:52:00
Publisher: Mirantis
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