Radio Cloud Native: Explaining the Atlassian Outage | April 20, 2022

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On this week’s Radio Cloud Native, co-host Nick Chase is back! And he is joined once again by co-host Eric Gregory. They’ll discuss the recent Atlassian outage, upcoming software and technology projects, and even get into government experiments pertaining to 5G and quantum computing (conspiracy theorists welcome). We didn’t have time for Whack-a-doodle this week, but Nick has promised to double up in next week’s show.

This weeks topics include:
0:00 – Introduction & Agenda
1:17 – Atlassian Outage
4:38 – Heroku GitHub oauth Breach
9:16 – Encore, the Tiny Company Providing Automated App Deployment
15:20 – Release of WASM 2.0
16:25 – Closes $7.1 M in Series A
16:52 – Release of Kubeflow 1.5
19:10 – National Science Foundation Experiments
24:31 – SONiC Joins the Linux Foundation
25:23 – Project Nephio: A Google & Linux Foundation Collab
32:13 – The Never-Ending Elon & Twitter Saga
46:30 – DOD Delays the JEDI Project
51:07 – Intel Calls its Facial Recognition AI a Teaching Tool?
57:39 – Update on the Chip Shortage

Duration: 01:01:11
Publisher: Mirantis
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