Radio Cloud Native: Istio Moves to the CNCF | April 27, 2022

Each week, Nick Chase, Director of Technical Marketing & Developer Relations, and Eric Gregory, Sr. Technical Writer, break down the interesting & impactful stories from across the cloud native technology landscape. The leading stories include Istio heading to the CNCF, an incredible study by arXiv on ML backdoors, and two (seemingly) never-ending stories: the Log4Shell vulnerability & the Elon vs. Twitter saga.

This weeks topics include:
0:00 – Intro & Agenda
0:54 – Google to donate open source project Istio to the CNCF
4:49 – Netlify adds content creation tool AT THE EDGE
13:45 – Release of Node.js v18
15:55 – Esperanto’s RISC-V AI Chip tested by Samsung & others
17:57 – Yet another chapter in the never-ending Elon vs. Twitter saga
34:57 – And more on the Log4Shell vulnerability
44:39 – arXiv study on machine learning backdoor techniques
53:23 – As promised, a double-dose of Whack-a-Doodle

Duration: 01:00:11
Publisher: Mirantis
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