Radio Cloud Native: Kubernetes, Big News from Docker Inc & More! | April 6, 2022

On this week’s installment of Radio Cloud Native, Sr. Technical Writer from Mirantis Eric Gregory is joined by special guest host Nočnica Fee, Radio Cloud Native’s fabulous podcast Producer. They’ll talk about the big news coming from Docker Inc, Elon’s new stake in Twitter, and much, much more!

This weeks topics include:
0:00 – Introducing special guest host Nočnica Fee!
2:21 – Cloud Ecosystem
– Docker Inc. Raises over $100M in Series C
– Google Releases Distributed Cloud Hits GA
– Azure Adds Arm Server Support
10:04 – Cloud & Cybersecurity
– Release of Spring4Shell
– Devastating, New Phishing Technique: “Browser in the Browser”
– UK Treasury Starts Creating NFTs
18:58 – Cryptocurrency News
– Overall Crypto Loses Spikes 695% just in Q1
– Discussion: Why it’s a Great Time to be a Hacker
23:57 – Technology in Society
– Fully Autonomous X-Ray Imaging AI Approved in the EU
– Are AIs Taking Over?
31:47 – Elon Musk & Twitter

Duration: 00:37:03
Publisher: Mirantis
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