Radio Cloud Native: Lens 6 has arrived! | August 3, 2022

Read the Lens 6 release blog:

Get the week’s news on Kubernetes, the cloud native landscape, and the wider world of tech. Co-hosts Eric Gregory and Nick Chase break through the jargon and help you make sense of it all.

Nick returns from his surprise network outage to tackle this week’s top stories including the release of Lens 6 from our very own Team Lens, the Kubernetes Gateway API reaching beta, new security issues at Atlassian, an update on the CHIPS & Science Act, and so much more.

0:00 – Intro & agenda
1:32 – Lens 6 has arrived!
3:12 – Kubernetes Gateway API graduates to beta
5:30 – Go version 1.19 is now live
7:18 – New vulnerability identified in Atlassian’s Confluence (hint: your Org probably uses it)
9:10 – Python PyPi package index deleted by creator, form of “protestware”
19:01 – Update: CHIPS & Science Act passed in the US
21:14 – The NIST’s “post-quantum” coding competition
24:41 – Tesla sells over 75% of its Bitcoin, holds all of their Dodgecoin
28:38 – Double dose of Whack-a-Doodle

Duration: 00:42:23
Publisher: Mirantis
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