Radio Cloud Native: Secret Agents & Sunsets | June 15, 2022

Each week, Eric Gregory, Sr. Technical Writer, and Nick Chase, Director of Technical Marketing & Developer Relations, break down the interesting & impactful stories from across the cloud native technology landscape. Nick is out so you are stuck with Eric for this week’s abbreviated episode, but it’s still packed full of the best stories including undisclosed middleware installed by leading cloud providers, a side-channel attack called Hertzbleed & a sky full of beautiful sunsets!

This weeks topics include:
0:00 – Intro & agenda
0:38 – Wiz reporting on secret middleware installed by cloud service providers
3:35 – A new side-channel attack called Hertzbleed
6:13 – MongoDB announces Cluster-to-Cluster Sync
6:58 – It’s sunset time for GitHub’s Atom IDE
8:05 – It’s also sunset time for Internet Explorer
9:13 – Joe Beda leaves VMware

Duration: 00:10:16
Publisher: Mirantis
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