Radio Cloud Native: Space, the final edge | June 29, 2022

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Each week, Eric Gregory, Sr. Technical Writer, and Nick Chase, Director of Technical Marketing & Developer Relations, break down the interesting & impactful stories from across the cloud native technology landscape. This week, Eric & Nick will will tackle the most interesting cloud native adjacent results from the StackOverflow Dev survey, the latest in AIOps, ongoing Kubernetes security challenges & cloud computing in Space! Join us to get the scoop on that as well as a host of other current & impactful stories.

This weeks topics include:
0:00 – Introduction & Agenda
0:40 – Nearly 1M K8s clusters misconfigured & exposed
3:53 – Codenotary drops “S-Bomb”
5:04 – Sysdig adds Drift control
5:49 – A look at the StackOverflow Dev survey results
12:37 – Rust for the Linux kernel
14:13 – The future of the Tech & IT industries
16:34 – StormForge awarded AIOps Platform of the Year
17:36 – AIOps vendor DataStax secures $115M
18:49 – Space, the final edge
22:56 – A word on ethics & privacy in Tech
27:58 – Microsoft prioritizes user privacy, one of few
33:48 – A word on 5G, Ericsson’s latest mobility report
36:58 – 35 companies create Metaverse Standards forum
39:12 – Whack-a-Doodle

Duration: 00:51:08
Publisher: Mirantis
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